Ruben Franco

Ruben Franco Jaime was born in 1947 in Guadalajara, México. His childhood was spent living at his father’s ranch and in the nurturing arms of nature.

At a young age, he began to study under master painters and restorers of religious antiquities. He continued his studies in painting, landscapes and portraits under the Maestro Gilberto Guerra.

During the years of 1991 and 1998, Franco Jaime was the exclusive artist for the world famous Quinta Real Resorts in México and Guatemala. He completed five resorts during this period, with each resort containing approximately 150 original art works. These pieces included both interior and exterior murals and oil on canvas paintings. The subject matter varied between indigenous images, 18th-19th Century Spanish Colonial style images, fruit and floral still life’s and numerous local landscapes.

Since 1980, Franco-Jaime has had a portrait and landscape studio in Guadalajara, Mexico. He presently resides in Ojai,California, where he paints many breathtaking impressionistic landscapes of the Ojai Valley, views of Spanish California in the early 19th century, and colorful still life’s of fruits and flowers.

Ruben Franco




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