Bernard Collin

Bernard Collin, born in the Burgundy region of France, combines European and American craftsmanship and influence. Each metal art creation is individually handcrafted, with focus on quality and originality, to please the soul as well as the eye.


Bernard began his journey with metal crafting at a young age and has always been fascinated by how a hard, cold material such as metal can become a timeless treasure. While he studied technical ironworking in Macon, France, Bernard is a self-taught artist and designer. In the years to come his natural artistic abilities guided him in his exploration of metalwork, where the lush, natural setting of Burgundy served as inspiration for many of his first designs.


Bernard uses his skills of delicate forging, as well as intricate hand-held plasma cutting to develop a quiet confidence for an artful collection. Bernard’s breathtaking array of art is uniquely diverse, from intensely forged tables inspired by the temples of Angkor Wat, to the light and whimsical work of forged railings and gates, to wall art, lighting, home and garden sculptures of primitive or botanical inspiration. His work adorns many homes and gardens as well as the numerous commissioned work he has created for businesses, public buildings and squares through out both the US and Europe.


Bernard and his wife Mary met in the late 70’s in Burgundy, at his family’s bed and breakfast. Over the last twenty-five years, they have divided their time between Burgundy and California. During this time, they were fortunate to have adopted children, Jules and Jessie, from Cambodia.


While keeping their home and studio in Burgundy, Bernard continues to develop and expand his artistry in California. His journey continues.

Bernard Collin




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